Knee Pain

Are You Fed Up With Knee Pain Holding You Back From Your Ideal Life?

If you're tired of your knee discomfort dictating what you can and cannot do, then physical therapy at Ethos PT is the solution!

You shouldn't have to give up your favorite activities because of challenges that we can help you solve!

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, we’re delighted you’re here, and we’re ready to help with our 1 on 1 physical therapy right here in Hackensack. We understand how difficult it may be to find relief from knee pain.

You’ve had to hold back from living life on your own terms since the pain began — working out, walking around the block, playing with your kids — and you’re tired of being on the sidelines. Still, you don’t want to overexert yourself and accidentally make the pain worse.

Parts of you are starting to feel defeated since you haven’t been able to find a long-term solution that works for you. You begin to worry if this knee discomfort is something you’ll have to deal with for the rest of your life.

This is not true. When it comes to knee discomfort, there are remedies, despite what you may believe or have been told. At Ethos PT you’ll experience a different level of skilled physical therapy that will tackle your knee pain and help you return to the active lifestyle you enjoy.

In the Case of Knee Pain…

You must choose a solution that works best for you and helps you achieve your objectives. Whether it’s walking normally or keeping up with your workout regimen, your objectives are important to us, and we’ll work with you to help you achieve them with our knee rehabilitation therapy in Hackensack.

Choosing the appropriate treatment approach for knee pain is critical since you don’t want to do anything that may aggravate the pain. You’ve been restricted in your life since the discomfort began. You want to return to doing things instead of writhing in pain with every step.

While you may believe that there is no way for you to obtain the relief you want, we are here to prove you wrong.

We’re sure you tried various treatments for your knee pain before discovering Ethos PT. As an example…

Perhaps You've Tried…
The Reality Is…

So you’re probably wondering, “If I’ve tried everything I can and nothing works, does that mean I’m a lost cause?”

No, it does not. We understand how discouraging it can be to try and find relief only to be disappointed repeatedly. But our doctors of physical therapy at Ethos PT in Hackensack will help end that disappointment.

The reason you haven’t found the relief you need is that you’ve been looking in all the wrong areas. We will evaluate your body and find the ROOT CAUSE of your pain. We will develop a plan to address that issue while keeping you active. Our goal is get you back to living a healthy, pain-free and active lifestyle.

How Does Ethos PT Differ From the Competition?

Now that we’ve informed you that booking with us is the most outstanding and most appropriate solution for your knee discomfort, you may be wondering:

“What is the benefit of Ethos PT?” Will I obtain the results I require?”

Yes, the answer is yes.

At Ethos PT, we specialize in resolving knee pain for people just like you so you can get back to living life on your own terms. We’ll make your physical therapy experience unlike any other, making it worthwhile for you.

Unlike other therapies, we do not simply give you a few exercises to complete at home and then send you on your way.

We work with you on knee rehabilitation and strengthening in a 1 on 1 setting at Ethos PT. You spend each and every session with your physical therapist the entire time, no bullshit passive treatments or doing exercises in the corner on your own. We are passionate about assisting patients in achieving their goals and ultimately finding relief from the pain that has been interfering with their everyday lives.

We develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to you and your knee pain after examining your condition and discussing your history because we understand that no two patients are the same. Knee pain is unique to the individual experiencing it. Thus, there is no “one size fits all” solution.

We will begin our adventure together after your treatment plan has been developed. We can tell you you will get the relief you seek with us. This means you can finally return to…

  • Exercising at the chosen level of intensity
  • Walking and getting around without difficulty
  • Keeping up with your children, grandchildren, family, and friends without fear of aggravating your knee pain

We value your objectives. We’ll work together to discover relief and get you back to living your active lifestyle.

If you want to learn more about how Ethos PT can help you reduce your knee pain and fall in love with life again, please ask us about our availability by contacting us TODAY!

Don’t waste more time suffering from knee discomfort when your solution is right in front of you.

What Previous Patients Have Experienced:

I had a great experience with Ethos Physical Therapy! For months before starting physical therapy with John, I had issues with both of my knees (severe tendonitis, torn meniscus, strains and tears in almost all the other ligaments in my knees as well). I started therapy in January of 2022. We started out slow since the pain in my knees kept me from doing even the lightest workouts. After about a month of the personalized workout plan, my knee pain was almost non existent! I kept up with all the workouts and was consistent with the therapy and by the end of May, both of my knees felt as good as new! I had no more pain while running, working out, playing sports, or anything else that I do on a daily basis. I would 100% recommend Ethos Physical Therapy for all your therapy needs.” – Paul

After struggling with knee pain for over a year I had almost just given up hope . I had seen multiple doctors ,chiropractors nobody was able to help me . I am currently just finishing up my 6 week program with John and I already am back to playing basketball and all the sports I love ,without any knee pain ! John goes above and beyond with his patients and has kept in touch with me throughout the week to make sure I am keeping up with my exercises and staying on track with my recovery. I’m going to continue to work with john after my 6 week program ,because I know he will keep me on the right track with my recovery . I’m truly thankful to have found John and would 10/10 recommend him to everyone!” – Chris

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